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Conservative New Media MONEY BOMB for Victory in Nov!

  • September 29, 2010
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Please Donate to Conservative New Media & Help Us Make Sure Your Views Are Represented & Your Candidates Get Elected:

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Hey everyone,

It’s almost time for the all-important midterm elections. You know how effective Conservative New Media (CNM) is at covering and supporting your favorite candidates the way you want them to be covered and supported. You know that CNM provides you with in-depth information you can’t get anywhere else.

We need to raise funds through this money bomb to be in the election fight full-blast in key races and states right through the finish. With your help, we can win in November and beyond. It is critical for us to have your help and support now. We all have worked so hard to be in a position to win this November and now the Democrats are striking back and trying to take away our victory in these final pre-election days. Here are some examples of what CNM might be able to do at various levels of support:

1.) $10,000 – go to Nevada to do some extensive coverage and help for Sharron Angle to make sure she defeats Harry Reid. Same here in CA for Carly Fiorina, who needs help beating Barbara Boxer as well.

2.) $20,000 – same as above plus expand the reach of the Conservative New Media Radio Network to more stations; look to get out to more key races, possibly in KY, DE, CT, and/or Texas.

3.) $30,000 or more – same as above with additional technical upgrades for CNM in order to bring you more videos at a faster rate and with better production value; additional election races we can assist in; possible small launch of a CNM TV show.

Your help is extremely valuable! Anything you can do is much appreciated; not just in dollars, either, but also in retweeting and reposting this moneybomb to get it out to all your friends. We have to get this done!

It’s a sad fact that, unfortunately, so many of the candidates that people contribute to will not win and in a lot of these races the candidates raise a lot of money. Conservative New Media is winning, and we will still be here after November regardless of which candidates win or lose. So, your contribution will continue to build something durable and help conservatives succeed. Also, in our opinion, CNM provides the best return for your donation investment on the conservative side. We know which races are winnable with some of our help, and through assisting our efforts, you will help make sure that your views are represented going forward with strong candidates who accurately reflect your values. Please donate now and spread the word on this money bomb.

Thank you very much!

Team CNM

The Time is Now…….

by Evan Stone

We are less than three weeks away from the California primary, and some of you may have already received your ballots by mail.  It’s time to get serious about our future.

I’ve been saying since the 2008 General Election that this would be the most important election year in most of our lifetimes.  And I don’t mean the election in November.  It’s the primaries that matter, people.  For those with a Tea Party mindset, we’ve been complaining for over a year that we need candidates who are grounded in Constitutional thinking.  The only way that happens is through the primaries.

Let’s take the 11th District in California, for example.  This is my home district and the one that I will be voting in on June 8th.  There are four Republican candidates vying to unseat two-term incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney.  No one is going to confuse McNerney with a Constitutionalist.  He votes in lock-step with Nancy Pelosi, and we know where she stands.  So, what about these Republicans?

I’ve been following this race since last fall when candidates first started announcing their intentions to run.  I’ve watched the four remaining candidates (two have since dropped out) at various forums and public events, and listened to them on the radio.  I’ve studied their websites to get an idea of who these people are and what they believe in.  And, on the surface, they all appear to be saying the right things.  But if you dig a little deeper, there are some issues that I feel deserve to see the light of day.

Let’s start with David Harmer.  Harmer entered the race in January, after all the other candidates had long declared.  Harmer lives in San Ramon, but OUTSIDE the district.  He won’t even be able to vote for himself.  He’s an attorney (wanting to represent a largely agricultural district) who has run for Congress twice before unsuccessfully, once in Utah in 1996 and again last year in a special election in his own district (CD-10) where he lost to John Garamendi.  He apparently supports homosexual marriage. He has received about 84% of his contributions from outside the district in which he is running.  I believe he is the establishment candidate.  Why else the late entry into the race, and all the money from around the country instead of within the district?  In addition, his endorsement by the California Republican Assembly is dubious, at best.  Having attended the last two San Joaquin CRA meetings, I was privy to the shenanigans that took place to ensure that Harmer would get the endorsement.  I don’t think Harmer is the kind of candidate that true conservatives want.  Now, if you’re voting Republican, and not conservative………..

Elizabeth Emken is an interesting story.  She is a former employee of IBM, and for the last couple of years has been a lobbyist for Autism Speaks, an advocacy group.  Her background would indicate the type of person that you might consider as a great Congresswoman, were it not for the lobbying activity.  From her own website: ”Elizabeth joined Autism Speaks in March 2007 to manage the relationship between the organization and the federal government, state governments, and related agencies.”  In my opinion, if part of her job there wasn’t dedicated to ELIMINATING the relationship between the organization and the federal government, then she’s missed the boat.  As great a cause as Autism Speaks is, it has no business lobbying from the federal government, as that would be outside of their Constitutional mandate.  Emken says on her website that she is for limited government and lower taxes, but her actions don’t quite bear that out.

Antonio “Tony” Amador is a retired U. S. Marshal with an extensive law enforcement background.  He spent 13 years as an LAPD officer, and since has served at the request of governors and presidents in various law enforcement roles.  He makes for an intriguing candidate.  He seems to have the right answers to all the questions, but all of the candidates do.  My question of Amador is like that of Emken and Harmer.  You’re all insiders to a degree, having spent time in “the machine”.  How do I know that you won’t be just another Washington elitist once you’re elected?

And lastly, there’s Brad Goehring.  Goehring is a wine grape grower in the Lodi/Clements area, and has lived in the district for his entire life, save his college years.  He knows what it means to be a victim of an out-of-control government.  He was almost charged with “filling and destroying waters of the U. S.” by the Army Corps of Engineers….on his own property.  He has since become an expert on the Clean Water Act.  He calls himself a conservative before a Republican, so he doesn’t seem to have any deep party connections, like some of the others do.  This is the one issue that I think sets him apart from the other candidates.  He’s one of us, not one of them.

I’m supporting Brad Goehring and will be filling out my mail-in ballot soon.  Take the time to learn about these candidates, and make an informed choice.  The only way that we take back Washington is if we elect people like ourselves to represent us.  People who understand the Constitution and it’s limitations, and then defend it with everything they have.

Originally posted at restoreconservatism, by Evan Stone.  The opinions expressed in the above article are those of Evan Stone, and not necessarily those of Conservative New Media.  Evan Stone is not paid by any political campaign or by Conservative New Media, and provides the above article as a guest contributor to Conservative New Media.