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David Harmer Took Government Unemployment Money After Being Paid $485,779?

Is it true that California 11th Congressional District Republican primary candidate David Harmer filed for unemployment shortly after making nearly $500,000 in a 16-month period?

Please watch the video below for more details on what appears to have been a most un-conservative course of action by the two-time failed political hopeful:

Contra Costa Times political editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen — whose paper had already endorsed Harmer — seemingly attempts to whitewash Harmer’s unemployment flap in her piece on the subject:

Harmer collected $2,395 in unemployment insurance through April 30, 2009. However, all eligible workers who pay into the unemployment insurance pool receive benefits regardless of whether they “need” the money.

Not exactly true, Lisa, which is what I attempted to tell you via Twitter when I saw your mischaracterization:

@lvorderbrueggen Receiving unemployment insurance is not a passive thing. Confusing 4 readers. (Paul) #tcot #cd11 #ca11

That is, one has to choose to file for unemployment before one receives any benefits, a reality which Ms. Vorderbrueggen almost certainly knows.

I should mention that I never received a reply from Ms. Vorderbrueggen on Twitter.

David Harmer, after making nearly half a million dollars in one-and-one-quarter years as a lawyer for a failed Wall Street Bank, decided that he deserved a few thousand dollars more from California’s public coffers.

Some might refer to Harmer’s choice to file for unemployment as “greedy,” particularly during a time of such national and statewide economic hardship.

However you view Harmer’s decision, this much is certain: Other conservatives who have made far less than Harmer had during that 16-month period prior to his filing for unemployment have chosen differently. That is, they have chosen not to file for unemployment insurance when it was their right, legally, to do so.

Whether these individuals have not liked the idea of relying on the government for money, have felt someone less fortunate may need the money should there be a shortage of California unemployment funding or were motivated by both of these or other reason(s) isn’t known.

What is known is the choice which David Harmer made when faced with that situation.

And his choice is something which California’s 11th Congressional District voters have the right to know before they head to the voting booth on June 8, 2010.

MSM Bias in CA-11 Race?

Are you kidding me? No, I’m serious, are you kidding me? Let me tell you right now in my personal opinion Lisa V from the CC Times is a JOKE, ok!? In my personal opinion, anyone, I mean ANYONE (Tom Del Beccaro, Harmer, etc.) who works closely with her on our side has ZERO credibility, NONE, ZIP! In fact, you’ve exp…osed yourself.

What I want to know is this, Read this GLOWING piece on Harmer/Meese below and ask yourself these KEY questions:

1.) How is it that the CONTRA COSTA Times goes all the way down to near Gilroy for this story? Uh, it’s not in CC, it’s not breaking news? It’s not really news, but yet Lisa V goes way out of her way for this story. Yeah, Harmer is running for a district in CC , but uh, hmm, I’d call it a stretch.

2.) What exactly is the story? Is there a REALLY a story? Ed Meese does Harmer fundraiser, wow…stop the presses, lol. Are you serious? How many other fundraisers of Emken’s, Goehring’s, Amador’s, etc. have been covered with this kind of attention and glowing press and a personal visit & photo ops by Lisa V? Look, I love Ed too, but, uh…I had a one-hour exclusive interview with Ed like 14 years ago for the law school newspaper at Berkeley I started & I didn’t catch the national papers burning my phone to reprint it. I’m just saying….

3.) On that note: How many positive articles on Harmer has Lisa V done? How many negative? How many positive on Brad Goehring (In my opinion, the front runner and biggest threat to McNerney) has Lisa V done and how many has she done that have been negative, or critical on Brad or his campaign? How about Emken and Amador? Kind of interesting when you add those numbers up no?

4.) Why is it that Lisa V shows up to a lot of events that Tom Del Baccaro is at? That’s kinda weird huh? Why do I hear rumors that Tom is unofficially supporting Harmer? Huh? Did you know that allegedly Tom Del Beccaro and David Harmer have the same political consultant (Tim Clark)?  Huh, that’s kinda strange. Why do I hear rumors that the CCRP is emailing people asking them to phone bank for Harmer? Now that is really weird. I hope those rumors aren’t true as ALL official GOP party orgs/people are supposed to be neutral in the primary!

5.) Do you think for a second that the CC Times or Lisa V will back/endorse or in any significant way support our CD-11 GOP nominee over Democrat incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney whom the CC Times endorsed last election?,_2009

Why would you listen to their advice then? Do you think Lisa V really likes or admires Reagan, Meese, or Karl Rove? Yet she shows up at these events and gives in my opinion temporary glowing coverage, weird huh? Don’t you think Harmer and Tom Del Becarro know how Lisa V seems to feel about conservatives? What then does that say to you about how Harmer’s camp is approaching this election and their credibility?

6.) Finally, read the “news story” below and ask yourself this one last question. If the byline was taken off, could you tell the difference between this article from Lisa V of the Contra Costa Times and a press release from the Harmer Campaign? Be honest.

Note: ALL of this entire post and associated content are my personal opinion only (i.e. it does not represent the views of any of my clients or campaigns I/Conservative New Media work(s) on) and I make NO factual claims whatsoever, nor cast aspersions on anyone in any way. This is all intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am merely expressing my opinion as an American and conservative who is interested in seeing fairness and transparency in the media and the CRP/GOP nominating process & to fight the MSM from possibly manipulating that. I am simply asking questions and it is up to you to do your own diligence and make up your own mind.

Is Contra Costa Times Political Editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen Biased?

Note: We will make a very detailed post with background, links and citations, so please bookmark this article and check back soon.

In the meantime, here are our video responses to Lisa Vorderbrueggen’s Sunday, December 20, 2009 article. Her front-page piece named Conservative New Media and CNM founder John D. Villarreal:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


Part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11 – Final




On Sunday, Dec 20, 2009, the Contra Costa Times (CCT) print edition ran a lengthy front-page-of-the-second-section story which we feel unfairly smeared Conservative New Media (CNM) and its founder, John D. Villarreal. That story was written by CCT political editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen.

CNM had anticipated how Ms Vorderbrueggen would portray us in her piece. We actually had scooped the CCT editor on what we figured was to be her originally-planned story with a series of videos we posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2009.

The video series discussed Robert Beadles‘ affinity for controversial talk radio host Alex Jones. Mr. Beadles, a Republican, is running as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives. He is one of several potential challengers to Democrat Congressman Jerry McNerney in the pending 2010 election for the 11th district of California.

That 5-part video series can be viewed here. If you are short on time, we recommend parts 4 & 5 for a synopsis of the series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

As we detail in this series of videos, we believe that our advanced derailing of the preferred narrative for her Dec 20 story irked Ms. Vorderbrueggen. Her apparent displeasure, we feel, was borne out in what she ended up writing about CNM in her piece.

Our new, 11-part video series critically examines Ms. Vorderbrueggen present article. It also discusses Ms. Vorderbrueggen’s background as a reporter, as well as some controversies and criticisms which have dogged her over the course of her political reporting career.

The following are links which we either allude to in the new video series or else ones which will provide further information on Ms. Vorderbrueggen and additional background on the present situation between her and CNM.

* The title for the print version of Lisa Vorderbrueggen’s Dec. 20, 2009 page A-19 (front page of the ‘East Bay & Bay Area’ section of the Contra Costa Times) article was “Anonymous Blog Sniper Comes Clean.” This is the article in which Ms. Vorderbrueggen mentions CNM and John D. Villarreal.

The online version of Ms. Vorderbrueggen’s piece is now available. The title has been changed to “Blog sniper turns out to be CD11 campaign consultant.” It can be viewed here:

* Purportedly objective CCT political editor and reporter Lisa Vorderbrueggen is a “fan” of candidate Robert Beadles on Beadles’ Facebook page:

* Lisa Vorderbrueggen called out for allegedly being biased towards Democrats, and specifically towards certain Democrats over others in the recent California CD-10 race to replace Congresswoman Ellen Taucher:

* Lisa Vorderbrueggen’s colleague was taken to task by, of all sources, MSNBC for giving money to the Democratic National Committee. MSNBC didn’t see anything wrong with the donation and, according to the quote, apparently there is no policy against such partisan donation-giving at Vorderbrueggen’s employer, the Contra Costa Times:

* It appears that even the CC Times’ readers perceive the publication as biased. On the paper’s own site, this comment thread of Times perusers upbraids the periodical for its stilted coverage:

In fact, at least one reader felt so strongly about what he or she believes are the Times’ partisan leanings that there is now an entire blog devoted to monitoring and answering the supposed liberal bias found in the Contra Costa Times. Of course, this is a group of anonymous blogger(s) that Lisa Vorderbrueggen can’t assail by name and who are trying to act as watchdog(s)/whistle-blower(s). This may account for some of her apparent dislike of anonymous bloggers:

* “Lisa Vorderbrueggen to address Coco Taxpayers luncheon, Nov 30″ (2007)

Was Ms. Vorderbrueggen paid to address the Contra Costa County Taxpayers Association? If so, by whom? Was the event partisan? If Ms. Vorderbrueggen was paid for her appearance, how might this have affected her remarks?

* Why did none of the following, or similar, information appear in Vorderbrueggen’s article about Conservative New Media? These pieces show that the practice criticized by Lisa Vorderbrueggen — being surreptitiously paid or volunteering to provide a particular point of view on the internet, anonymously or otherwise — is widespread on the political left and, indeed, on the largest blog (Daily Kos, a far-left site) in the political space. In fact, Lisa never mentions anyone on the left engaging this practice, which gives the wholly false impression that this phenomenon is confined to the right. Ha ha, the left invented it! Truth be told, the left practically owns the internet and new media, which is why we founded CNM.

“Blogging for Dollars” — Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga paid by Howard Dean campaign in order to induce Zuniga to write and say favorable things about Howard Dean

“Jane Hamsher: Friend or Foe” — Bloggers “slinkerwink” and “nyceve” paid by liberal Firedoglake site to post on Daily Kos

“Confessions of an Obama Paid Blogger” — …

(article about ‘turfers; and get an article about volunteer turfers)

Use Patterico’s form letter on OFA for volunteer turfers stuff

Use Ellie Light stuff for turfers, at highest levels of Dem govt


Further, as…(and GOP C wasnt paid to do this; what he said was true)


LV interviewed after St. Marys Debate (8.11.09)

(misidentifies guy; calls Lt Gov [who won] “Mr. Geramandi,” not Lt Gov.; DeSaulnier glowing intro. 2 instances of apparent bias)


Newspaper Death Watch

CC Times circulation down 3.3%

Job cuts & furloughs for CC Times

CC Time’s owner in financial trouble

[To be continued soon...]


Add all new stuff about “Ellie Light,” etc.