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Articles written by: Derek Witt

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Encroachment of the Second Amendment

In recent days, I have heard in the news that Vice President Joe Biden has said the President is open to using executive order to curb firearm violence.

Hearing this rubs me the wrong way.  I absolutely oppose such idiotic perversion of our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. We would not have the First Amendment if it weren’t for the Second.

Any attempt to modify or repeal any Amendment can only be done via the amendment process. Any such change of any part of the Bill of Rights doesn’t even have a snowball’s chance of passing Congress, let alone ratification by 38 States.

Also, you may have heard folks who are calling for bans of semi-automatic weapons. However the gun control groups have no idea what “semi-automatic” means. ”Semi-automatic” only means that the bullet is fired, the spent cartridge is ejected, and the next round is fed from the clip or magazine. “Semi-automatic” has nothing to do with the appearance of the weapon, but with the internal operation. Many handguns are semi-automatic.

The “dreaded” AR-15 is generally chambered for 0.223 Remington, aka 5.56mm. The Smith&Wesson M&P-15/22 is chambered in 22LR.  Many others, including the Remington 521T and 597 rifles, also fire the 22LR. In addition, AR stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” NOT “assault rifle.” The same gun control advocates are quite clueless with their knowledge of firearms (these are among one of countless examples).

These people fail to realize the correct issue: the deterioration of our mental health system. Far too many citizens do not receive the help they need.  Cases in point: the closure of the Menniger Mental Health Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, and the sore-lacking quality of care at Larned State Hospital in Larned, Kansas.   Governors Sam Brownback (KS) and John Kasisch (OH) are launching efforts to improve mental health systems in their respective states.  The remaining 48 States must do the same.

However, we have to be diligent to ensure our Fourth Amendment Rights are not tread upon while performing background checks for firearm purchases.

I strongly urge everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives to make sure our given Rights, including the Right to Bear Arms, aren’t infringed upon!

The Attacks on Religious Freedoms

This past week, one may have already heard the rule handed out by a few people with the Obama Administration, namely the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. For someone claiming to be Catholic, Secretary Sebelius is anything but that. I describe her as being “Catholic in name only.” This is the same governor who received contributions from Doctor George Tiller during both of her gubernatorial campaigns here in Kansas.

This rule mandates that all employers, even all those of a religious nature, must pay for contraceptives, abortifacients, and sterilization services. They are attempted to be required to pay for such drugs and services even if it means violating their very core values and beliefs.

This is a blatant and dangerous attack on everyone’s religious freedoms. For a President who claims to be Christian, he sure has a weird way of demonstrating his faith. This attack is just only one such example.

This attack has taken notice by various religious organizations. These organizations and media outlets include the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, EWTN Global Catholic Network, Priests for Life, the Southern Baptist Convention, and others.

This is such a serious violation of the freedom of religion as laid out in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that on February 9, 2012, both EWTN and Priests for Life filed lawsuits against the Obama Administration, specifically Secretary Sebelius. EWTN filed its suit in US District Court in Birmingham, Alabama. Priests for Life filed its suit in US District Court in Staten Island, New York.

Many Protestants and Jews are uniting with the Catholics in fighting this grave violation of the Constitution. We must come together to fight the tyranny that is the Obama Administration.

On Friday, President Obama tried to talk about his “compromise.”  He claims that the employers won’t have to pay for it, but the insurance companies. He’s trying to force the insurance companies to pay for contraceptives even if their policies don’t cover it. He claims that contraceptives would be free. It is not free. The insurance companies would simply increase premiums, which would force employers to drop coverage, which in turn would force people to buy government plans. This clearly exceeds the Constitution on multiple fronts!

To help combat this, 172 representatives and 27 Senators have come together to cosponsor the Respect for Right of Conscience Act (HR-1179, S-1467). So far, Representatives Tim Huelskamp (KS-1), Lynn Jenkins (KS-2), Kevin Yoder (KS-3), Mike Pompeo (KS-4), along with Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran are all cosponsors of this bill.

I urge you to contact your senators and representatives to cosponsor or support this very important piece of legislation. As aptly described in Mark Levin’s Ameritopia,  this mandate is one of many attempts at utopia that will tear nations apart quicker than the blink of an eye.

Quartzsite, Arizona’s Grave Constitutional Issue

  • July 28, 2011
  • Opinion
  • Comments Off

Recently, many of us heard about the bullying done to a resident of Quartzsite, Arizona, by the Chief of Police, Jeff Gilbert. This story had me quite riled up that I had to voice my concerns to Sheriff Don Lowrey of La Pa County, La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman,  and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

My July 16th letter to them is as follows.

Attorney Sam Vederman
1320 Kofa Ave
Parker, AZ 85344

Sheriff Don Lowery
1109 Arizona Ave
Parker, AZ 85344

Tom Horne
Attorney General of Arizona
1275 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926


I am writing as a private citizen of the United States concerning the recent behavior and conduct by the Quartzsite Chief of Police, Jeff Gilbert. It has come to light on Facebook, Fox News and other media outlets as of late.

A resident of Quartzsite, Jennifer Jones, was initially allowed to speak during a Call to the Public segment of the Quartzsite city council meeting on June 28th. She was given the floor to freely speak about corruption occurring within the City of Quartzsite. As per the video on YouTube, Chief Gilbert, unconstitutionally had Ms. Jones arrested for no reason other than speaking out against the perceived corruption. I believe that her Constitutional rights as per the First Amendment were blatantly and grossly violated because Mr. Gilbert and associates did not like the message she had.

A few days later, Chief Gilbert has attempted to declare martial law in Quartzsite, while attempting to have Mayor Ed Foster removed from power. This apparently stemmed from the events of a July 11th city council meeting. This meeting was deemed illegal because of the events occurring during the June 28th city council meeting. A later video shows the Mayor declaring the meeting null and void and walked out of the meeting. However, the city council continued with the meeting, even after the Mayor walked out of it.

Thus, I urge you to initiate an immediate investigation into the actions of Chief of Police Gilbert and others in the grave violation of Ms. Jones’ civil liberties as pertaining to Article 2, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of Arizona, and to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


Derek J Witt

I honestly didn’t think I was going to get a response from any of the aforementioned persons.  Surprisingly on July 19th, I received the following response from the Attorney General’s Office of Constituent Services.

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for contacting the Arizona Attorney General’s Office regarding your concerns.

Our office has opened an investigation into the allegations of open meeting law violations. This investigation is being conducted through the Office of the Solicitor General, Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team.

Regarding allegations of misconduct on the part of law enforcement officials, this office does not have jurisdiction over local law enforcement and therefore does not have the authority to conduct such investigations. The appropriate agencies to report police officer misconduct would be the United States Dept. of Justice or the FBI.

In regards to criminal activity and public corruption, if someone has evidence of criminal wrongdoing they should submit their complaint / information in writing to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to the attention of the Special Investigations Section at 1275 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

Please note, our Office acts as legal counsel for State Agencies in Arizona and, therefore, cannot act as a private attorney to individual citizens. This means we cannot give legal advice, opinions or interpretation of law to individuals.

Thank you again for contacting our offices.

Warm Regards,

Office of Constituent Services
Arizona Attorney General’s Office

Apparently, numerous complaints were made to the Arizona Solicitor General’s Open Meeting Enforcement Team (OMET) about the illegal conduct of the city council and the Chief of Police. Even Mayor Ed Foster submitted a complaint to the OMET.

As per the response that Mayor Foster received,  OMET consolidated the open meeting violation complaints, and opened an investigation into allegations of Open Meeting Law violations by Chief of Police Jeff Gilberts and others. As many can see on this Youtube video, Jennifer Jones was illegally arrested during an apparently obvious violation of said Open Meeting Laws.

And apparently, other Youtube Videos are surfacing. These demonstrate further gross violation of Arizona State Law, and of the Constitution of the State of Arizona and of the United States. We, as private citizens, must continue to put the spurs upon the likes of Chief of Police Gilbert, and of members of the Quartzsite City Council. The declaration of martial law solely because being called out on perceived corruption cannot stand!

I pray that the State of Arizona stands up for its own citizens and protects them against gross constitutional violations as done by those members of the Quartzsite City Council and Chief of Police Gilbert.

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