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Encroachment of the Second Amendment

In recent days, I have heard in the news that Vice President Joe Biden has said the President is open to using executive order to curb firearm violence.

Hearing this rubs me the wrong way.  I absolutely oppose such idiotic perversion of our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. We would not have the First Amendment if it weren’t for the Second.

Any attempt to modify or repeal any Amendment can only be done via the amendment process. Any such change of any part of the Bill of Rights doesn’t even have a snowball’s chance of passing Congress, let alone ratification by 38 States.

Also, you may have heard folks who are calling for bans of semi-automatic weapons. However the gun control groups have no idea what “semi-automatic” means. ”Semi-automatic” only means that the bullet is fired, the spent cartridge is ejected, and the next round is fed from the clip or magazine. “Semi-automatic” has nothing to do with the appearance of the weapon, but with the internal operation. Many handguns are semi-automatic.

The “dreaded” AR-15 is generally chambered for 0.223 Remington, aka 5.56mm. The Smith&Wesson M&P-15/22 is chambered in 22LR.  Many others, including the Remington 521T and 597 rifles, also fire the 22LR. In addition, AR stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” NOT “assault rifle.” The same gun control advocates are quite clueless with their knowledge of firearms (these are among one of countless examples).

These people fail to realize the correct issue: the deterioration of our mental health system. Far too many citizens do not receive the help they need.  Cases in point: the closure of the Menniger Mental Health Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, and the sore-lacking quality of care at Larned State Hospital in Larned, Kansas.   Governors Sam Brownback (KS) and John Kasisch (OH) are launching efforts to improve mental health systems in their respective states.  The remaining 48 States must do the same.

However, we have to be diligent to ensure our Fourth Amendment Rights are not tread upon while performing background checks for firearm purchases.

I strongly urge everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives to make sure our given Rights, including the Right to Bear Arms, aren’t infringed upon!

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