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My letter to Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six regarding the Health Care Bill

Mr Six:

I am writing to you in regards to the unconstitutional health care reform bill that was passed this weekend and signed by President Obama yesterday.

I feel that this “law” grossly violates the U.S. Constitution in numerous ways.

First, Section 1303 provides for funding to services that allow for abortion. This goes against my deeply held religious beliefs. Among those beliefs is that life is sacred and abortion is morally wrong. Being forced to pay for others’ abortions, I believe, to be a violation of the First Amendment.

Second, being forced by the federal government to buy a product and service violates the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. Many, including constitutional law Professor Kris Kobach of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, feel that commerce does not mean “lack of commerce.” As per that section, the government is granted rights to regulate interstate commerce, but not the lack thereof between the public, the government, and/or private entities.

Third, the taxes and fines attempted to be levied by the government violate the Eighth Amendment in that it punishes those who elect not to buy insurance.

Lastly, being forced to have insurance violates both the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in that I believe Health care nor health insurance to not being a right nor an obligation for the federal government as defined under those two Amendments. Thus, I feel health care/insurance to be a duty to be delegated to both the American public and the State of Kansas respectively.

In concluding, I strongly urge you to stand up for the rights of the citizens and legal residents of our State, and for the sovereignty of Kansas as defined and allowed under the United States Constitution.


Derek W.


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